Q&A: Dell Enterprise President Haas Sounds Off On Dell's Revamped Partner Program

Haas Sounds Off

Within days of Dell announcing that 200,000 direct accounts would be pushed to the channel, it has already started the task of parceling out those accounts ahead of the official Feb. 1 kickoff date. How Dell plans on instituting what it calls the biggest change to its channel program in its seven-year history, few people know. But what Dell lacks in the granular details, Marius Haas, chief commercial officer and president of Dell's Enterprise Solutions, makes up for in enthusiasm. Haas, credited for spearheading the channel revamp internally, said changes to Dell's partner program are happening right now and partners need to hop onboard or risk missing the boat. "We spoke with partners and asked them to help us rewrite the rules. Then I went back to my team and said what do we need to do to make this happen? Two weeks later we took the plan to Michael (Dell) and he liked it and 'boom' -- now we have a new program," he said. But, how does Dell plan to roll out its revitalized partner program and what's behind the changes? Haas sat down with CRN and answered some of the questions that have been burning on partners' minds.

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