5 Companies That Came To Win In 2013

Lenovo Thinks Big, Thrives In PC Market

With PC industry sales expected to plunge 10.1 percent (IDC) for all of 2013, it's been a tough year for PC makers. And yet Chinese manufacturer Lenovo managed not only to survive, but thrive, this year. It captured the PC market's No. 1 spot in the second quarter, ousting longtime No. 1 Hewlett-Packard, and grew PC sales 2.8 percent in the third quarter -- nearly twice the growth rate of Hewlett-Packard and nearly three times the growth of Dell. (And if you still think of Lenovo as a humdrum PC maker, check out the ThinkPad Helix (pictured).) But it was also clear in 2013 that Lenovo has ambitions beyond the PC arena. It's become a major player in the worldwide smartphone market, reporting explosive sales growth for the server business it launched in 2012. And its "Combat" mobility kits were a hit with the channel. Lenovo made a serious bid to buy IBM's x86-based server business, an acquisition that would have made the company a top player among data center technology providers. It even took some tentative steps toward buying BlackBerry and Dell. Lenovo seemed to be firing on all cylinders in 2013. Can't wait to see what moves it makes in 2014.


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