5 Companies That Had A Rough Week

Google Ordered To Display Privacy Breach Fine On French Page

Call it the new scarlet letter. France's top administrative court has ordered that Google must display on its French search page a notice saying it has been fined by a local data-protection watchdog over how user information is tracked and stored according to a Reuters' storyThe French data protection agency, CNIL, has objected to how Google combines data collected about individuals across its multiple services, including YouTube, Gmail and Google+, according to Reuters. Last month CNIL fined Google 150,000 Euros (about $204,000) for the practice and not providing a way for users to opt out. It also ordered that the notice be posted on Google.fr for 48 hours. Google is appealing the fine, but France's top administrative court ruled Friday that the company must display the warning notice on its Web page in the meantime. Google has said it will comply, Reuters said.

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