10 Ways To Have A More Effective IT Sales Conversation

Get Into The First Part Of The Conversation

A lot of the sales conversations are happening before the salesperson even approaches the customer, Estis said. Buyers are coming in with preconceived notions of what they want, and it's more difficult to overcome them. The trick is to change what happens before you arrive for the sales pitch. One easy way: Ask for it. Ninety percent of satisfied customers are willing to make a referral, he said, but only 11 percent of sales organizations are asking for it.

"You want to enter the first mile of the decision journey where the CIO lives without you," Estis said. "You need to not only think about how you're telling your story, you need to think about who else is helping you tell your story. The way we connect, the way we communicate, the way we consume and get influence is [changing.]"

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