5 Companies That Came To Win This Week

Android Tablet Makers Gain Market Share

Tablet computers based on Google's Android mobile OS accounted for 61.9 percent of all tablet sales worldwide in 2013, leaving other tablets -- even Apple's iPad -- in the dust. Tablet sales worldwide grew 68 percent last year, according to Gartner, reaching 195.4 million units. Of those, an impressive 61.9 percent (almost 121 million) were Android-based tablets, up from 45.8 percent of all tablet sales in 2012. That makes winners out of such companies as Samsung, Asus, HP and HTC, which market Android tablets. Apple grew its sales of iPad tablets from 61.5 million units in 2012 to 70.4 million units last year. But that wasn't enough to keep its market share from slipping from 52.8 percent in 2012 to 36 percent last year. Sales of Windows-based tablets, meanwhile, barely exceeded 4 million, or 2.1 percent of the global market. (Caveat: IDC warns that tablet sales growth will slow to "only" 19.4 percent this year.)

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