Affinity Index: Unix/Linux Servers

Hewlett-Packard's channel edge is reflected in the success of all its system lines, but the Palo Alto, Calif.-based computing giant really impressed partners over the past year with its SMB Unix/Linux servers, according to new research.

The 10 Coolest Open Source Products Of 2008

Open source applications continue to evolve into viable alternatives to proprietary applications. Here's a look at the 10 coolest open source products we saw this year.

Affinity Index: Collaboration Software

Pick most any SMB software category and odds are Microsoft will be a major player. And that's certainly true in the collaboration application space, where new research finds that Microsoft is a leader, but not a favorite, among solution providers.

The 10 Coolest Netbooks Of 2008

2008 saw a raft of new netbooks as the industry's newest PC form factor took the market by storm. Here's a look at some of the coolest among them.

Affinity Index: Network Attached Storage

A strong storage business combined with a strong presence in the small and midsize business market have combined to give Hewlett-Packard the highest marks for brand affinity, new research says.

Cisco's Best Practices: How To Keep Partners Satisfied

Cisco executive discusses how attention to partner communication, programs and profits creates a satisified and successful channel.

The 10 Coolest Notebooks Of 2008

From gaming to business, retail to commercial, Wi-Fi to WiMAX, 2008 was the most cutting-edge year ever in the history of mobile computing.

Affinity Index: Unified Communications

Solution providers are doing more SMB unified communications business with Cisco Systems than any other vendor, but the networking powerhouse wasn't the top choice when it came to scoring vendors in the new Channel Affinity Index.

Scenes From IT ChannelVision: Government Edition

Government solution providers hit Hollywood, Fla. this month for the IT ChannelVision: Government Edition conference to talk about the latest trends in the federal, state and local IT spending market. Here are some scenes from the show.

The 10 Coolest Smartphones Of 2008

It was an awesome year for smartphones. From iPhones to BlackBerrys, 2008 saw the emergence of touch-screen titans, the first LG smartphone to hit the U.S. and the first device based on Google Android. Here are the 10 coolest smartphones that hit the market (or at least promised to) in 2008.

Top 10 Malware Attacks Of 2008

2008 was the biggest malware year to date. Consequently, malware authors went out of their way to launch creative attacks that grabbed victims' attention, as well as their wallets, in order to stay competitive. Here are a few of the biggest scams and schemes we found this year.

Affinity Index: Systems Management Software

In the market for SMB systems management software, VARs say their services attach rate is the most important factor when considering a vendor. A vendor's ability to meet project targets and end users' brand preference are also important, according to new research.

The 10 Biggest Cisco Stories Of 2008

Cisco rode high in 2008 with major product launches and big gains in enterprise telephony, but it also took some knocks, both from the economy and in court. ChannelWeb takes a look back at the networking vendor's year.

The 10 Biggest Apple Stories Of 2008

ChannelWeb takes a stroll down memory lane to look at the most important developments surrounding Apple in 2008.

IBM Hardware Boss: 10 Reasons We Will Succeed In 2009

IBM's hardware czar is taking no prisoners in his quest to grow IBM server market share in 2009.

Affinity Index: SMB Network Security

It's no surprise that Cisco Systems would garner a lot of solution provider attention in the SMB network security space. In new research by the Institute for Partner Education & Development (IPED), Cisco was the top vendor in terms of the value of all SMB proposals through the channel. But when it came to rating vendors, Cisco finished a distant eighth in the new Channel Affinity Index.

The 10 Biggest IBM Stories Of 2008

IBM may not dominate the IT industry the way it did in the 20th century, but it's still the industry's 800-pound gorilla and the fortunes of many solution providers rise and fall with the goings-on at Big Blue. Here is a recap of the 10 biggest stories in 2008 in the IBM world.

Affinity Index: SMB Storage Virtualization

Of the top three SMB storage virtualization vendors, IBM looks to be on track to gain the most share of the storage virtualization market compared to its top competitors, Hewlett-Packard and EMC.

The 10 Biggest Dell Stories Of 2008

The year was not easy for PC manufacturer Dell. While the company took important steps forward to strengthen its channel play, it was also hit by layoffs, a court ruling that said it engaged in deceptive business practices and a corrosive market. ChannelWeb looks at these and other stories that shaped Dell's year.

Affinity Index: External Storage Hardware

VARs expect SMB external storage management sales will increase in the second half of the year, compared to the first half, with Western Digital and Sun Microsystems among the vendors trying to gain some market share from Seagate Technology for the No. 1 spot, according to new research by the Institute for Partner Education & Development (IPED).

The Top 10 iPhone Apps Of 2008

The Apple iPhone is the mobile device of 2008. Part of what makes it so compelling are the applications you can download from the App Store. Check out our choices for the top 10 iPhone apps of 2008.

The 10 Biggest Security Stories Of 2008

To say the least, 2008 has been a security rollercoaster, complete with monumental mergers, cyber espionage, monster data breaches and channel turnabouts. Here are the 10 that drew the most attention this year.

Affinity Index: Desktop Systems

Dell accounted for the largest percentage of the dollar value of customer proposals written by VARs in the first half of the year, but that doesn't translate into Dell having the largest share of deals closed, according to new research.

The 10 Biggest HP Stories Of 2008

What news out of Palo Alto had Hewlett-Packard channel partners and IT professionals buzzing this past year? ChannelWeb looks at the most important headlines involving the most important technology company in the world.

20 Terrible Tech Holiday Gifts

Everyone gets a stinker of a gift during the holidays. Here are 20 awful, or just plain cheesy, technology gifts to avoid giving your favorite techie this year.