11 Cloud Computing Predictions For 2011

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Mobility Is King

"Mobile devices become the primary means of accessing enterprise cloud applications -- just as they've become the primary means of accessing the internet. Mobile internet usage is undergoing the fastest technology adoption curve in history. Consider that combined, the iPhone and iTouch have gained 85 million users over 11 quarters, a rate approximately 11 times faster than the ramp of AOL users beginning in 1994. Now add in the rapid adoption of other mobile form factors such as Amazon's Kindle and the iPad, and the adoption rate of mobile technology is even more impressive. And there will be more mobile internet users than desktop users by 2014. That means mobile devices will soon be the primary means of consuming cloud services in the enterprise, which has huge implications for how applications are built (see below) and how business gets done."

-- Mark Koenig, Director of Cloud Strategy, Appirio

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