Amazon Cloud Outage: 10 Lessons Learned

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Assume Nothing

Cloud customers fall under the misconception that resiliency, backup, disaster recovery and other services are offered by cloud providers. While this is true in some cases, it is not in all cases. Amazon's cloud outage showed that when it comes to cloud providers and resiliency, it's best to assume nothing.

"When you use a cloud service, whether you are consuming an application (backup, CRM, email, etc), or just using raw compute or storage, how is that data being protected? A lot of companies assume that the provider is doing regular backups, storing data in geographically redundant locations or even have a hot site somewhere with a copy of your data. Here's a hint: ASSUME NOTHING. Your cloud provider isn't in charge of your disaster recovery plan, YOU ARE!" wrote Forrester analyst Rachel Dines in a blog post examining the resiliency of cloud providers in the wake of Amazon's outage.

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