9 Key Concerns That Block Cloud Sales

1. Security

One of the most evident concerns surrounding cloud security is about whether data and sensitive company resources are ultimately safe. Channel partners suggest that there are two opposing answers to this question, and both of them are correct. On one hand, cloud providers invest a lot of resources in making sure their infrastructure is secure. And that level of security is often stronger than the level of security that many customers could establish on their own -- especially as you scale downward into SMB. "Cloud providers offer a generalized level of security, based on due care," said John Pironti, president of IP Architects, Rowley, a Mass.-based solution provider. "Customers with a more stringent security need can often opt-in to additional premium services such as crypto key management, intrusion detection services, applications firewalling, advanced logging and reporting." On the other hand, they also say that hackers recognize the cloud as a huge challenge; a challenge that they can sometimes overcome.

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