Self-Protection In A Cloud World: Thoughts From Software Freedom Activist Richard Stallman

So What Should People Do?

[We need] "a movement to reject privacy-violating Internet practices. It's clear that the NSA situation is stimulating that, but how big [the movement] is going to be, I don't know. We must put an end to the practices that keep a tremendous dossier about each person. That is tyranny. So I've been protecting myself from tyranny by staying out of its grasp to the extent that I can. But, of course, that's not the real goal. The real goal is a society that does not have a tyranny like that. ... What we really need is a way that we can communicate with each other without having dossiers built-up about who we're talking to. One way to do this is for phone companies to refrain from keeping this information, except about people who have been placed by court order on a watch list. In other words, we can't prevent abuses by limiting how data is supposed to be used. To prevent abuses, we have to stop the data from being collected."

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