Self-Protection In A Cloud World: Thoughts From Software Freedom Activist Richard Stallman

Can The Channel Help Customers Limit Their Exposure To These Issues?

"In the U.S., that's going to be hard to do because of the USA 'Pat Riot Act' that was passed in 2001. People who don't love our freedoms call it the USA Patriot Act, but since I do love our freedoms, I won't call it that. ... [The act] says the government can collect any tangible thing that a company has without even a court order. There are some limited exceptions, like email, which goes by a different law. But, whatever the company has could be taken by Big Brother. On the other hand, if it's not a U.S. company, it's not directly subject to that. But if they store their data on servers belonging to a U.S. company, then it has shafted itself."

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