Self-Protection In A Cloud World: Thoughts From Software Freedom Activist Richard Stallman

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So What's Wrong With That Thing Others Call 'The Cloud?'

"When you're computing is done on somebody else's server that takes away control, just like a non-free program would. But it happens in a different way. If you run a non-free program on your computer, you may have a copy of your own. You can't control what it does because you don't have the source code. But if you do that computing on somebody else's server, then that means that it's somebody else's copy and you also can't see it, or touch it, or change what it does, or investigate what it does. ... If you are a corporation, you deserve control over your computing, just the same as a real person does, or any government, or any other organization. But there's nothing to be gained by letting Corporation A's computing be controlled by Corporation B. Company A in this context is accepting a harmful practice, probably because they never thought of it this way."


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