Self-Protection In A Cloud World: Thoughts From Software Freedom Activist Richard Stallman

What About Music? Do You Get Music From The Cloud?

"Again, I'm not going to talk about the cloud. ... You may have entrusted your music to some companies' servers. I don't do that. It's a mistake to do that. I don't want them to know what I have. On the other hand, there are services that will stream music to your machine, but you can't have a copy of it. Those are 'antisocial' because those [services] place restrictions on you, both technically and legally, that you would not have if you own the CD. To accept those restrictions is bad for you, but you are also mistreating your friends because you can't give them, or lend them, the CD. So the decision to use that service is the decision to mistreat your friends. It's the same with e-books, the way they are typically commercially distributed today. ... Also, you have to identify yourself to read it. That's surveillance. That's putting you into Prism."

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