Self-Protection In A Cloud World: Thoughts From Software Freedom Activist Richard Stallman

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Daniel Ellsberg, Of Pentagon Papers Fame, Was Recently Quoted As Saying We're A 'Turnkey Away From A Police State'

"I think he's right. We've already seen the persistent tendency to label dissidents as terrorists and then apply to them all of the armaments that were supposedly set up to protect us against terrorists. So every time the government says it's going to do something to stop terrorism, I think that it's going to be used to stop dissent. ... We need the government to do certain things, but we need to maintain our control over it. This was the idea behind checks and balances in the U.S. Constitution. The problem is we have a government that is getting out of our control and that is a much bigger danger than the non-government-sponsored terrorists that they say they're protecting us from. The biggest harm done by the September 2011 attacks was the harm done to U.S. freedoms."


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