Winners Circle: Microsoft Honors Partners For 'Innovative Solutions'

Collaboration And Content: NC4, 6th Street Consulting

CEO NC4: Jim Montagnino (pictured)

CEO 6th Street Consulting: Ro Kolakowski

The Collaboration and Content award was shared by joint partners NC4 and 6th Street Consulting for Safecop, an app used by police during the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. NC4 is a solution provider based in El Segundo, Calif., participating in Microsoft's CityNext initiative. The company partnered with Redondo Beach, Calif.-based strategy and consulting firm 6th Street Consulting to help architect Safecop, since renamed StreetSmart, and develop the SharePoint user interface, gather and document application functionality, and formulate an intuitive user interface. The app is now deployed throughout the Tampa Police Department.


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