The 10 Biggest Cloud Outages of 2013 (So Far)


An upgrade that was actually intended to enhance cloud stability and performance turned out to be the temporary undoing of that intended stability when the SCORM cloud crashed for a period of about three hours on March 14. SCORM, which is part of Rustici Software, is a set of technical standards to promote interoperability for e-learning software products. An error with the update caused a cascading effect that ultimately impacted multiple availability zones across the company's Amazon services. "We made changes to how SCORM Cloud handles caching in order to increase system stability and performance," wrote Joe Donnelly, customer support manager at Rustic Software, in a SCORM support forum. "Due to a mistake in the rollout of this change, we experienced import failures on one of our Amazon servers. This caused a series of cascading failures due to excessive CPU load and revealed instability in our use of multiple availability zones across Amazon's web service."


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