10 Companies Competing For $10 Billion Government Contract

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Autonomic Resources

Based in Cary, N.C., Autonomic Resources is a U.S government-only call service provider that specializes in IaaS, PaaS and a multicloud management platform. Founded in 2001, Autonomic Resources started out as a federal contractor and continued the business for 12 years as a traditional federal contractor offering application and infrastructure services primarily on premise. Autonomic Resources President and CEO John Keese (pictured) said his company offers government community IaaS and PaaS cloud offerings called the Autonomic Resources Cloud-Platform (ARC-P).

"Outside of GSA, this is the first major agency cloud initiative that's come to market; federal agencies are seriously looking at the adoption of cloud services," said Keese. "It's important because if you don't have these contracts you're missing a large component of your potential revenue pipeline for a decade. This contract is meaningful because it's a leveraging point for other contracts."

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