10 Companies Competing For $10 Billion Government Contract

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Armonk, N.Y.-based IBM already has been awarded one of the 10 contracts, worth $1 billion. According to Andy Maner, managing partner of U.S. Federal for IBM Global Services, IBM is in position to offer all seven of the IT task categories outlined by the contracts: storage, secure file transfer, virtual machine, database hosting, Web hosting, development and test environments, and SAP application hosting services.

"For us, we believe that cloud is more than just a word, it's a way of computing. Technology allows people to do things more efficiently but in order to take advantage you have to bring the whole life cycle to the table where you bring software, services, actual infrastructure, new capabilities, security," said Maner. "It's a real advantage for us because we bring a full stack of infrastructure, software, consulting, the facilities, and clearances and this contract provides a long-run vehicle [the department] can evolve over time, and the good news is that other agencies see this as an efficiently run vehicle and others will join."


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