Review: Dell Cloud Connect Does Thin Client Right

Android Inside

The thin clients of yore were slaves to network and server bandwidth. But Dell's Android-based solution can store and execute apps locally (if IT allows it). This permits local apps to browse the web, check email, run presentations and even stream media. Windows apps can still execute remotely, and it's all done within the secure envelope of the Citrix client. "And if your Citrix environment isn't open to the Internet, a VPN client can create a secure tunnel into the inside," said Jeff McNaught, chief strategy officer for Dell's Cloud client-computing business. The device is running a hardened version of Android Jelly Bean with a boot routine that checks for an available keyboard, mouse and network connection, and can then offer to connect with the mothership. Instructions or prompts are provided for anything the user hasn't done before, such as adding apps to the home screen.


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