Autotask Execs On Cloud: 'Where There's Chaos And Disruption, There's Opportunity'

How is Autotask positioning itself to take advantage of the market?

Cattini: "I would just say it's product quality. We have a really rich, deep set of modules that are flawlessly integrated, delivered on a SaaS platform, targeted exactly as to how managed service providers or IT solution providers run their business. We've got all of this functionality, but we just want it to be accessible and efficient. We had this incredibly powerful platform; we have thousands of successful customers using this across the world, and I think the next step forward is just the next level of innovation. It's the BlackBerry to the iPhone. The BlackBerry is a great product, but it didn't look so good when the iPhone came along. I think it's going to make the prospects understand the power of what we have, and it's going to make our competitors run for the exits scared."

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