Who's Steering The Cloud Strategies At Amazon, Google And Microsoft?

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Ari Balogh, VP, Storage and Networking Infrastructure, Google

Balogh was CTO at Yahoo and VeriSign before joining Google in 2011. He oversees Google's storage, networking applications and cloud engineering efforts. In a blog post last December to unveil Google's Compute Engine Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Balogh talked of improving the developer experience to match what Google's own engineers would expect.

In an interview with Johns Hopkins Engineering Magazine last summer, Balogh identified storage capacity, algorithms and automated detection software as keys to accurate search functionality, noting that machine learning and artificial intelligence play a key role here.

"But that's what we like at Google," Balogh said in the interview. "If it's so big we don’t know how to get it done, we're going to figure it out."

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