The 10 Best Products Of 2007

Wireless Product of the Year: Extricom Interference-Free EXWO-404 WLAN Switch

Perhaps it's just the inner thumb-sucking kid in us that loves the idea of a "blanket" of Wi-Fi coverage, but we're sold on Extricom's WLAN technology. The Channel Test Center selected the Extricom Interference-Free EXWO-404 WLAN Switch as the Wireless Product of the Year because of its robust features. We particularly laud its focus on interference problems, a crucial element as mission-critical applications increasingly cut their cords. Extricom's WLAN switch, built on its channel blanket architecture, creates a coverage area where users can move from one access point to another without any handoff latency. Putting all the access points on the same channel and frequency, different from other networks and competing products, eliminates interference concerns. And the simplicity of deployment and maintenance make it perfect for the SMB looking to ditch the wires. As trends shift towards triple-play and other services, solution providers need products that can support critical applications without worrying about performance, resiliency and scalability. And that's what Extricom offers. [READ MORE]

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