The 10 Best Products Of 2007

Application of the Year: Tableau v3.0

At the heart of many small businesses is a big business waiting to break out, but sometimes that's prevented by reams of data that are simply smothering. Not to worry, though. Channel Test Center's Application of the Year for 2007 is a tool that can turn a solution provider into a hero for that small business—or any midsize or large client for that matter. Tableau v3.0 is a breathtakingly simple-yet-powerful data analysis toolset that, once deployed, permits data to be sliced, diced and viewed from every angle in a friendly, graphical interface. It permits the creation of dashboards where users can create multiple views of data. The data is live, it's dynamic and it's grouped into a single framework where it can be manipulated with drag-and-drop ease. No other business intelligence tool on the market is as flexible or as easy to use as Tableau. [READ MORE]

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