The 10 Best Products Of 2007

Chip of the Year: Quad-Core AMD Opteron

We'll overlook the fact that AMD announced Barcelona on Sept. 11, but didn't start shipping it in volume until mid-November. We'll overlook the fact that solution providers have had to put some customers on hold while waiting for the systems to make it into the pipeline. Despite those issues, the Channel Test Center awards AMD Product of the Year in processors for its quad-core Opteron chip because it is a game-changer. It's blazing fast, but efficient when measured in performance per watt. Right before it was announced, we had the chance to run a dual-CPU Barcelona server through a performance test: It scored higher than any other dual-CPU system we've ever tested. Its Cool Core technology automatically shuts down parts of a CPU when not in use, and its PowerNow technology controls the MHz at individual cores. So not only is it one of the best-performing pieces of silicon we've ever seen, it's among the smartest. [READ MORE]

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