The Evolution Of Xerox: 1959 To Now

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The 70th anniversary of Chester Carlson's invention of Xeroxography is almost here. Carlson succeeded in creating the first Xerox copy on October 22nd, 1938. Carlson soon joined with the Haloid Company to market his invention. Eventually, Haloid became known to the world as the Xerox Corporation.

Over the course of its 70 year history, the Xerox has changed the way we duplicate documents and share information. As they move into their seventh decade of business, Xerox continues to adapt to the modern workplace, rolling out printers and copiers that can scan and email from a single machine.

Over the course of its history, the copier has gotten smaller and more efficient -- changing from a behemoth that needed its own room, to, in some cases, a device so small it can sit on a desk. And while Xerox approaches its platinum anniversary with innovation, it's worth looking back to see where the company started and how the decades have changed its product.

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