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Nvidia Welcomes Additions To Quadro Family

Nvidia introduced Quadro 2000 and Quadro 600 cards, both of which run on CUDA (Compute Unified Design Architecture), a parallel computing architecture available to software developers for a number of applications. The latest additions to the Fermi-based Quadro line of GPUs from Nvidia run on 192 CUDA cores (the Quadro 2000) and 96 CUDA cores (the Quadro 600). The Quadro 600 is only half the height of the Quadro 2000 model, but it can interact with larger, more complex, models and offers more efficient performance per watt.

Both Quadro cards are built on industry standards such as OpenGL 4.1, DirectX 11, DirectCompute and OpenCL and both feature 30-bit color fidelity, or 10 bits per color. Both are PCI Express 2.0-compliant and are designed to be especially quiet, as Nvidia continues to focus on the professional desktop market and its potential uses for cutting-edge graphics. The Quadro 600 is available in the $169 to $199 price range, while the Quadro 2000 is available for between $422 and $499.


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