The 2012 Products of the Year

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Microsoft Windows Server 2012

During early demonstrations of what would later become Windows Server 2012, Microsoft’s unofficial slogan for its fledgling product was “It Just Works.” And it did. Brilliantly. Among the most impressive demos were of improvements made to Live Migration, a feature introduced with Windows Server 2008 R2. In essence, Microsoft opened with a claim that any feature implemented with Windows Server 2012 can be live-migrated, and went on to prove it. One demo involved a virtualized Fibre Channel host bus adapter moved from one server to another using drag-and-drop without interrupting its SAN traffic. Another migrated a fully operational virtualized network from an on-premise server into a cloud-based one without interrupting services and without changing the IP addresses. Virtual networking works by mapping virtual IP addresses to a physical one on the wire. It just worked.

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