The 2012 Products of the Year

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Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook

While some laptop makers are content to simply conform to the Ultrabook spec, Samsung took Intel’s ideas and ran with them. The Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook is a thin, lightweight powerhouse that’s about as stylish and feature-rich as an ultraportable can be. Chiseled from solid aluminum, the Series 9’s flat charcoal hue is highlighted with bright silver borders. Inside is a comfortable chiclet-style backlit keyboard with dedicated function keys for screen and keyboard brightness, video output, speaker, fan and Wi-Fi. There’s also a key to bring up Samsung’s Easy Settings decembe R 2012 25 screen, which puts eight major control panels and other system functions in a single place. We salute Samsung for taking the lead to add value and simplify Windows. Easy Settings also provides several Samsung-only functions, including Fast Boot mode, which in our tests reduced cold boot time from an already amazing 11.2 seconds to 10 seconds flat.


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