Intel's Latest Hardware Is A Cut Above

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Data Center SSDs

Intel's latest Data Center S3500 Series solid-state drives are built around 20nm NAND technology. They're rated to consume just 1.6 watts while operational, and ramp down to 0.65 watts in standby mode. According to Intel, the drives are designed for virtualized and other transaction-heavy environments. The S3500 series drives are rated to deliver a sustained 75K IOPS (input-outputs per second) for random 4K read operations and 11.5K for random 4K writes.

Our transaction testing involved 512-byte random and sequential read operations, under which the drives actually performed much better. The IOmeter screenshot here shows IOPS for sequential read operations in excess of 110K. That performance rate was reached after a ramp-up of about 30 seconds and sustained indefinitely thereafter. For throughput, we found a maximum sustained data rate of 515 MBps when performing sequential reads of 32K packets. The drive is rated at 500 MBps for read operations. Our standard methodology determined an optimal transaction queue setting of 12, which was used for all IOmeter tests.

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