5 Ways Logitech Wants To Replace Your Phone

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More Keys, Please

Some of its phone-dedicated keys are (from left to right) the handset, headset and speakerphone keys. At center is a backlit LCD that presents caller-ID information when calls are coming in, switches to call duration during the call and otherwise shows the date and time. Moving further right on the top row are the hold key, and call pickup and hangup keys. A single press when a call is incoming (and flashing red) answers the call (turning it solid green) and brings up the Jabber window. A second press terminates the call. Below are dedicated keys for video and audio mute (red when muted) and a call volume rocker key.

The keyboard includes much of the key functionality that might otherwise go away with the phone, and helps eliminate a primary fear workers face, according to Logitech, when confronted with the specter of having to use so-called soft phones. "People get nervous when you try to take away their desk phone," a Logitech spokesperson said. "Even if they're not using it much, they still don't want to lose it; it's like a security blanket."

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