10 Cool Tech Products Seeking Funding On Kickstarter

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Ecorithmic: Automatic EcoDriving System

The rising costs of fuel can be tough on your wallet. Fortunately, Ecorithmic can measure exactly how much money and fuel is being spent. While driving, the smartphone's sensors measure stored mechanical energy in the vehicle. By first selecting a pre-recorded route, such as driving to work, and then beginning to drive, Ecorithmic will measure the mechanical energy and use stored pre-recorded route information to calculate when to start rolling the car, rather than stepping on the gas, which allows a user to take advantage of a vehicle's stored mechanical energy. The app records the route's latitude, longitude, altitude, and the turns and slopes in roads. Any Android smartphone or tablet can be used with the app. To use, simply place it onto the provided sticky pad that will hold it in place and install the app onto the phone, and its ready to start helping users save fuel, money and the environment.

Currently, there are 7 backers that have pledged $148.92 of the $215,418 goal. The funding period ends July 9, 2013.

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