25 More Cool Tech Gadgets For The Scorching Summer

This lawn mower is different than the rest. Instead of running on electrical power or gas, the Neuton CE5 Grass Mower utilizes a rechargeable battery. There is no arm-pulling start, exhaust fumes, loud noise or vibration. The CE5 is easy to push and is quieter than a traditional lawn mower. The push of a button starts it, and it can mow a third of an acre for up to one hour on a single charge. This cordless lawnmower's lightweight design makes maneuvering in compact areas easy. The CE5 is a great eco-friendly tool in cleaning up the yard. Included is a rear grass collection bag, mulching plug, 240 watt-hour battery and battery charger. Originally priced at $399.99, it is currently available for $299.99.