25 More Cool Tech Gadgets For The Scorching Summer

Kisai Intoxicated Breathalyzer Watch

Summertime means celebrations, and sometimes imbibing in alcoholic beverages. Before driving home, the Kisai Intoxicated Breathalayzer Watch will make sure you aren't too intoxicated to drive. This device will test the blood alcohol content (BAC) and display the 10 different levels of BAC. A green display of 0.00 percent means you're sober, a yellow display shows between 0.41 and 0.60 percent meaning you're buzzed, and a red display of 0.61 percent and above means you're drunk. To use, just open the sensor cap, press the alcohol button to start the test, and then blow for five seconds to see the watch's reading. It is currently available for $149.


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