The 10 Coolest CPU/GPUs Of 2013 (So Far)

Intel 'Haswell' Core i7-4770K

Intel once again updated its Core family of PC processors with its new 22-nm architecture, code-named "Haswell." This time around, the fourth-generation of Intel's new Core processors focuses more on energy efficiency and graphics improvements. Intel's Core i7-4770K is the cream of the Haswell crop; the quad-core chip comes with eight threads and runs at 3.5 GHz with the ability to hit 3.9 GHz in Turbo mode. In the graphics department, the new Core i7 model comes with the Intel HD Graphics 4600 processor for high-definition and 3-D video support (another Core i7 processor, the 4770R, comes with Intel's more powerful Iris Pro 5200 graphics engine for even higher resolutions). While the Core i7-4770K offers a significant increase in CPU performance from the previous Ivy Bridge release of 2012, the Haswell chip, according to Intel, is 50 percent more energy-efficient.


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