The 10 Coolest CPU/GPUs Of 2013 (So Far)

AMD Radeon HD 7990

Not to be outdone in the graphics card race, AMD followed up Nvidia's release of the GeForce GTX Titan with the dual-GPU Radeon HD 7990 graphics card. The new flagship card packs a 950-MHz engine with up to a 1-GHz speed in AMD's 'Boost' mode, plus 6 GB of GDDR5 memory, 8.2 TFLOPS of single precision compute power and more than 8.6 billion transistors.The Radeon HD 7990 can support six displays, thanks to AMD's Eyefinity technology, and AMD's PowerTune technology allows users to enable automatic overclocking to maximize frame rates. The new graphics card also comes with AMD's ZeroCore Power technology to improve energy efficiency by shutting down one of the two GPUs at idle to reduce the card's power consumption, heat and noise.


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