7 High-Tech Attention-Getters From 2013 (So Far)

EMC Network Video Recorder

LenovoEMC in June began shipping the LenovoEMC Network Video Recorders with Milestone Arcus, a family of video surveillance systems that are as easy for a small company to afford as they are to set up and control. CRN took a close look at the NVR px2-300D, the lower-end model targeted at small and medium businesses offering a capacity for up to 20 surveillance cameras. The system, in essence, is one of LenovoEMC's sturdy Iomega NAS boxes that boots to Arcus from Milestone Systems, a video management system that's easy to configure for recording, scheduling, exporting and setting up storage thresholds and alerts. The solution is available with two- or four-drive bays for a total maximum capacity of 8 TB (4 x 2 TB) of storage. The higher-end unit can optionally accept analog cameras to help ease the transition to digital. Both can be used for general-file storage, and come with dual gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 and one-button transfer. List prices start at $999.

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