7 More High-Tech Attention-Getters For 2013 (So Far)

Seagate Central

Hard drive maker Seagate has come up with some clever ways to package its drives. One of its latest is Seagate Central, a NAS file-sharing and backup device that specializes in media streaming and accessibility from anywhere. We've seen quite a few NAS devices, none of which were easier than Seagate Central to set up and start using. After plugging in the included Ethernet cable to a DHCP-enabled network, it becomes visible to Mac and Windows PCs to begin storing or backing up files and streaming media. Users can be added, but no administration is required to get started. It's compatible with Apple's Time Machine and AirPlay protocols for Mac OS X backup and iOS playback and can stream media from Samsung Smart TVs and connected Blu-ray and DLNA devices. After a brief setup, all stored content is accessible locally as a shared drive or server or through a browser or free smartphone app from elsewhere. Seagate Center comes in 2-, 3- and 4-TB capacities starting at about $135 street.

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