7 More High-Tech Attention-Getters For 2013 (So Far)

Scosche boltBOX And microBOX

When the rest of the world is tied up in knots, keep a handle on cable management with boltBOX and microBOX, a pair of retractable charger and sync cables Scosche released in early August. The 30-year-old gadget maker is up on the times with the connectors for Lightning, Apple's newest all-digital plug, and for the microUSB cable end found on most other devices today. Both use slim-tipped connectors on the device end to fit most cases, and the retractable cable stretches in two directions and locks at any length up to 3 feet. When retracted, connectors tuck away inside the box and are held in place magnetically. At $25, the boltBOX seems a bit pricey to be an impulse item, but six colors to suit any wardrobe will help. The Android-style box costs just $15, but comes only in black or red. Why no alien green?

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