7 More High-Tech Attention-Getters For 2013 (So Far)

Griffin PowerDock 5

Who has just one battery-operated device these days? Between tablets, smartphones, iPods and other mobile gadgets, lots of businesses and families need to maintain a charge on three, four maybe even five devices. And who can be bothered with all those power blocks and tangles of wires and cables around the outlet strip? For these problems, the Griffin PowerDock 5 is the perfect solution. It provides five charging bays, each with its own 5-volt, 2.1 amp power supply delivered through a standard USB port. The dock itself provides a tidy place to stand devices, with or without their respective cases, as they charge using cables originally included with the device. A single AC adapter (included) is all that's needed to charge up to five devices and keep the outlet strip clear. There's even a place to wrap any extra slack from the power cord to keep it out of sight. The $99 device made its debut at CES last January and works with iPad, iPhone and iPod, as well as Kindle and most Android devices.

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