7 More High-Tech Attention-Getters For 2013 (So Far)

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Laptop Heat Shield

Concerns about brain cancer from cell phone use may have subsided, but new worries about the effects of laptop-related heat and radiation on other parts of the body are rising. To the rescue is DefenderPad, a rigid, slip-free tray that protects the lower body from heat and electromagnetic radiation generated by laptops. According to claims, the pad absorbs, diverts or deflects the extremely low-frequency radiation emitted by computer processors, memory and hard drives, as well as the higher-frequency emissions of wireless radios in laptops and tablets such as those for Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Available in black, blue or pink, DefenderPad is about 16 inches long and 11 inches wide, and it can handle laptops with displays as large as 17 inches. It weighs slightly more than 2 pounds and is just a quarter-inch thick, far less unwieldy than many of the lap tables and cooling units out there. DefenderPad lists for $89.

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