Review: The Motorola SB1 Smart Badge

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What's Inside

The SB1 is powered by a Freescale i.MX35 processor at 532 MHz with integrated 128 MB RAM plus 128MB of flash storage for apps and data. With its single ARM11 core running a thin client architecture built atop a Windows CE core operating system, it was a bit slower than we'd have liked when launching and switching between apps. The SB1's three-inch 320 x 240 Kindle-esque 4-bit monochromatic LCD shows 16 shades of grey. There's a built-in mic and headset jack. The tested unit came with an earpiece, charger base and neck strap.

Since data can be stored centrally and accessed via Wi-Fi, employees can pick up and log into any device to find their name, title, likeness, tasks and messages displayed. In this mode, the E-Ink display panel uses almost no power. A 900 mAH battery is rated at 14 hours of normal use; much longer than a single shift. The touch-sensitive screen works with bare or gloved hands and requires no stylus. Among the SB1's optional accessories, Motorola offers an optional 10-unit charging base (shown).

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