2013 Products Of The Year

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Editors' Choice

Intel Haswell Processors

Intel's fourth-generation Core series processors heralded a new era of high-performance, power-efficient application and graphics processors. With superior GPUs and three new low-power modes, Haswell offers a bit more processing power than Ivy Bridge but with 50 percent more battery life. The Iris graphics processor increases resolutions and doubles the 3-D performance delivered by prior Intel HD Graphics editions. When compared with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, a fourth-generation Intel Core i5 processor with Iris technology is rated to deliver a 17 times improvement in video conversion rate and 25 times faster graphics performance for PC gaming. Intended for digital designers, artists and advanced video and photo editors, Iris Pro supports the 4K Ultra HD 4,096-x-2,160 display spec with high-frame rates adequate for gaming without the need for a discrete graphics card. Haswell processors were initially available in four models starting at 15 watts. Prices range from around $197 for the low-end Core i5 4430 to a high of $368 for the Core i7 4470.

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