2013 Products Of The Year

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Retail Appliance

Motorola Smart Badge SB1

In 2012, Motorola earned Product of the Year for its ET1 Enterprise Tablet, a rugged, manageable Android-based appliance with free development tools for health care, hospitality and other verticals. This year, Motorola went a step further with the SB1 Smart Badge, a chest-worn device that's part ID badge, part communicator and part phaser. This high-end nametag employs a 3-inch monochromatic LCD that, with a tap of its front button, displays a menu of apps. Clerks can scan bar codes, check back-room inventory or get real-time sales or technical assistance from co-workers with a push-to-talk function with broadcast capability. It connects via Wi-Fi for communications and downloading and tracking tasks. The SB1 accesses HTML5 data stored on a centralized server, simplifying device management and permitting employees to pick up and log into any device, where their name, title, likeness, tasks and messages will be displayed. A touch-sensitive screen works with bare or gloved hands and requires no stylus. Pricing starts at $490 before volume discounts.

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