Review: NEC V652 65-inch Commercial Display

Performance On The Job

A hallmark of every NEC display we've tested has been great video performance, and the V652 was no exception. To test the ability of NEC's panel to render accurate color and uniform luminance, we attached a PC and pointed its browser to the CRN Test Center's standard LCD test images. After a few adjustments to the unit's brightness and contrast, we found that color and black-and-white gradients exhibited no banding; black level and white saturation were visible throughout the spectrum and sharpness tests were well within acceptable limits. We did notice some uneven lighting at corners, but this was only when displaying test images that blackened the entire screen, a rarity in actual use. All tests were performed at the unit's native resolution of 1,920-x-1,080 and a refresh rate of 60Hz. Maximum brightness is 450 nits and displayable colors exceeds 16 million.

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