Review: NEC V652 65-inch Commercial Display

Working Remotely

With any electronic device, the look and feel of the remote control is key, and NEC's hits the spot, and it offers direct control of the most oft-used functions. Two rows of smallish buttons along the top are dedicated to one-touch input selection with slightly larger numerical keys below. After that is a large round arrow wheel straddled in four corners by menu controls. These are for access to deeper, lesser used functions through the on-screen display. The OSD is organized logically by tabs, making features extremely easy to find. Sections include those for picture, audio, picture-in-picture, tile mode and health. Just about every aspect of the display can be controlled or customized, including fan speed, border color, screen saver, input labels, and the size and location of the picture-in-picture. Even the OSD itself is editable, including its location, transparency and the number of seconds it stays on the screen. All of these settings are accessible via remote, RS-232 or Ethernet.

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