11 Emerging Networking Vendors

Here are eleven up-and-coming networking vendors to watch, with fresh new products and ideas.

Art Comes Alive With Converged Network

Museums typically showcase the old. Classic pieces of art and sculpture to take visitors back in time. But with a little help from NEC, the Dallas Museum of Art is taking a modern approach. With LCDs and digital signage solutions from NEC, along with its Univerge solutions, the museum is bringing exhibits back to life.

Gray's Anatomy: Dissecting A $58 Billion Market

In its first in-depth study of the gray market since 2002, the Alliance for Gray Market and Counterfeit Abatement (AGMA) teamed with KPMG and found that gray market products accounted for between 5 percent and 30 percent of total IT sales in 2007, with a value of about $58 billion. The following slides illustrate some of the findings.

Mac Attacks Back: 9 Hot Security Products

While once Mac users could enjoy a relatively secure, virus-free existence, changing times have forced them to beef up security to protect against a barrage of viruses. Check out these nine products designed to do the job.

Serf's Up: Tech Employees Bash Their Bosses

Which CEOs are loved by their underlings and which are loathed? What's morale really like at places like Microsoft, Yahoo! and AMD? GlassDoor.com has all the answers. Here's a peek.

8 Cool Location-Based Social Networks

Check out these location-based social networks to find out what's up coming and spend your uptime socializing.

7 Emerging Virtualization Vendors

Here are seven hot virtualization vendors to watch from CRN's 2008 Emerging Vendors list, with innovative products and ideas.

The Top Emerging Security Vendors

Solution providers looking to get ahead in the security segment have a wealth of choices, with 40 innovative vendors tracked by the 2008 CRN Emerging Vendor list.

27 Emerging Storage Vendors

These up-and-coming storage companies from the 2008 CRN Emerging Vendor list have a winning view on the storage space.

6 Emerging VoIP Vendors

Solution providers interested in a refreshing take on VoIP from young, up-and-coming companies need look no further. The 2008 CRN Emerging Vendor list includes six VoIP vendors on the rise.

25 Coolest Emerging Vendors

We picked the top of the line. Check out the these companies, selected from our database of 178 emerging vendors.

10 Hot Hands-Free Devices For Cell Phone Law Compliance

As of July 1, California and Washington state will begin enforcing new laws to ban driving while talking on cell phones. ChannelWeb has tracked down the 10 hottest hands free devices to help drivers both talk and pay attention while behind the wheel.

Panasonic Launches Toughbook U1 Handheld Rugged Mini In Style

At the swank Grand Havana Room on Fifth Avenue in New York City, Panasonic gave analysts and the media a first look at the company's most powerful handheld computer ever, the Toughbook CF-U1.

Cisco Gets Barenaked (And Other Scenes From Cisco Live 2008)

At its Cisco Live conference, Cisco Systems touted the benefits of videoconferencing, launched new CCNA certifications and showed its customers a little love with a concert by alternative rock band Barenaked Ladies.

3Com's New 802.11n Gear

3Com this week unveiled a new portfolio of products based on 802.11n, the latest wireless LAN standard. Here's a look at three of the newest products in the suite.

Microsoft Rolls Out The LED Carpet For PC Gaming

Software giant's Games for Windows event in San Francisco features first looks at titles like Civilization IV: Colonization and Call of Duty: World at War, as well as the latest cards and rigs from Nvidia, AMD, Toshiba and Alienware.

Step Right Up For CXtec's NY Tech Summit 2008

CXtec, a Syracuse, N.Y.-based voice and networking solution provider, hosted its fourth annual NY Tech Summit last week. Here are some scenes from the show.

A Look At Dell's Studio Consumer Notebook Line

Dell launched two mid-range notebooks for the consumer market on Thursday, offering users a choice of seven colors.

The ABC's Of Ultra Mobility

Having trouble keeping up with the fast-paced world of smartphones, handsets, MIDs and UMPCs? Never fear! Just dive into ChannelWeb's easy-to-digest alphabetical guide to all things ultra mobile.

Storming The Breach: Payment Card Industry Trends To Watch

Here are the trends solution providers and their end-user customers can expect to see in the not-too-distant future.

Oki Data Fights Cancer with Cadillacs

Printer vendor Oki Data's Color Me Oki philanthropy program helps raise money and awareness of the importance of early detection of cancer as it travels the country with vintage Pink Cadillacs.

2008: Year of the Notebook

In the first half of 2008, PC makers have shown the market more innovation than they have in years -- and it shows no sign of letting up. Here is a look at just some of the top notebooks the Test Center has taken a look at in just the first six months of the year.

Motorola Motozine ZN5 Is More Camera Than Phone

Motorola flipped the script on Monday, partnering with Kodak to announce the Motozine ZN5 handset, a new camera phone where the 5-megapixel camera itself is the marquee feature and the phone is just the icing on top.

8 Bizarre Statements By IT Industry Execs

Sometimes, people say things that make you scratch your head with bemusement. ChannelWeb rounded up 8 examples of recent statements by IT executives that make you go hmmmm.

10 Cool Desktop Computers

From high-end gaming systems to super-small business systems, here are 10 cool desktops that are sure to turn heads.