Exclusive: 15 Big Changes Made By HP's Top PC And Printing Exec

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Betting On Phablets

"We announced our first Phablet or VoiceTab [Quad Processor based HP 6-inch diagonal Slate6 and 7-inch diagonal Slate7 tablets featuring voice calling capability] in India. Why did we do that? We have an unbelievable channel in India. We have this network called HP's World Stores -- franchises that are all across India.

We actually designed and built this product in Asia for India. So it was a product very much driven for the market. We built it for a price point that is about $199 for a 6-inch device that is quad-core, dual-thin. The dual-thin is an interesting approach that not necessarily many are doing for the mainstream, but it is really fit for the market in India. Partners are loving it. The channel is loving it. You'll see us do more of that stuff."


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