Exclusive: 15 Big Changes Made By HP's Top PC And Printing Exec

Investing In R&D To Create New Categories

"The ability to create new things is limited by two things: One is imagination, and two is money. And I don't think Hewlett-Packard is short on either. So without going into specifics on R&D budgets, I think what we would say is while we have been looking to get our costs more in line with our revenue, we have done that without jeopardizing or touching our [Printing and Personal Systems] R&D budget. So that is one area where we've had a hands-off [philosophy]. This is a business that moves at lightning speed, and you have got to ensure your costs are in line with your revenue. That is the fiduciary responsible thing to do. But to take it away from R&D is to cut your leg off."


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