Review: Eaton 5S 1000 LCD Uninterruptible Power Supply

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Physically Fit

At about 10 x 15 x 3.5 inches, the 5S 1000 is one of Eaton's smallest; only 3S-series models are smaller. Its 10 surge-protected outlets are in two columns; five on the right also provide battery backup. The bottom-most two outlets are set apart to accommodate AC adapters. The rear panel also is home to a USB host connector, RJ-45 and coax line protection connectors, a 6-foot captive power cord and a circuit breaker reset button. Its heavy-duty outlet hardware and connectors give the Eaton unit a solid, reliable feel. Though it has vents on both sides, Eaton says it's OK to lay the unit flat and use it to elevate a monitor.

Two of its backed-up outlets are configured as a master/slave. If there's no power draw on the master, the UPS cuts power to the backed-up slave along with three surge-only slaves. This conveniently saves energy by automatically powering down peripherals such as monitors, cash drawers or small printers that are needed only when a computer is running. The threshold can be fine-tuned or EcoControl-disabled through Eaton's UPS Companion software or via the LCD control panel.

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