Intel Unveils 4GHz Core i7 Quad-Core CPU

Haswell Refresh

After 10 years of anticipation, the world can finally stop waiting for a 4GHz, four-core processor from Intel. The company Tuesday officially unveiled the 4GHz Core i7-4790K, an unlocked version of its 4th-generation Haswell quad-core CPU that can operate with all four of its cores at full speed. The company also introduced the Core i5-4690K quad-core CPU running at 3.5GHz and a 20th anniversary Pentium G3258, an unlocked dual-core part operating at a base frequency of 3.2GHz. These were among several major moves from Intel at this week's Computex Taiwan 2014, one of the tech industry's largest trade shows. Here's a deeper look at Intel's news.

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